When you boil me down to my basic self, this is who I am.

I eat. As I’ve gotten older, food has become very important to me. While it used to be simply a means to an end (“If I eat this, Mama will give me a cookie,” or, later on, “I have to eat something to soak up all the beer I drank last night.”), food is more dear to me now, the pure preparation and consumption of it more essential.

I’m also a Mama myself now, so I’m more aware of the value of food, and more critical of the sugar-doused phenomenon of processed fare.

I read. As I have my whole life, I turn to books for knowledge and adventure. I’m usually reading several at once; I like to leave them scattered about the house (on my nightstand, next to the soaking tub, in my office and the living room) so I can pick one up wherever I am and get lost for a bit.

I paint. I love design and am constantly changing things up in my home to make it more cozy (my husband makes fun of me for spray painting everything in order to freshen it up). I firmly believe paint has the power to completely change the feel of a room.

When we bought our new home and tackled our first big project, I decided to start revealing our spaces here, so I could reflect on how far we’d come and also see the rooms in the best version of themselves – clean and clutter free (since that is not typically the reality of how they are on the daily) (I have a full time job and two kids, so my home is not perfect on a normal basis. I try to see this as an opportunity – when I want a little pick-me-up, there’s nothing like making ONE room clean and then sitting in it, soaking up the calm).

I repeat. I’m a creature of habit. I keep coming back to blogs that focus on good food, good books and good design. And I’m hoping this one will turn out to meet that standard as well.



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